• 30% less sodium than salt
  • Enriched with essential minerals potassium and magnesium
  • Fortified with essential nutrient iodine
  • 100% natural employing no chemical processing
  • Tastes and performs just like regular salt!

“The UK is now ranked in the top 10 countries worldwide suffering acute iodine deficiency in consumers’ diet: and which can have a negative impact upon pregnant women, young mothers and infants.”

Too much salt is bad for you!
Salt was once a highly valuable commodity, prized for its scarceness (in fact Roman centurions used to be paid in it, which is how we got the word ‘salary’).

But now days, it’s hard to escape it.

Hidden in so many everyday foods - from bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits, snacks and sauces to prepared meals, cheese, cured meats & fish - it’s very easy to consume too much without even knowing it.

Until, that is, your health takes a turn for the worse. Too much sodium (the problem component) can dramatically raise blood pressure leading to heart problems and the risk of strokes.


As versatile and flavoursome as salt
SOLO® - LITE hasn’t any any significant difference in taste, aroma or texture. This is why SOLO® is now the world’s leading salt replacement product used by food manufacturers.

SOLO® - LITE is available in handy 400g bags and is priced at almost half the cost, per 100g, than any other salt replacer. Not only that, but it tastes exactly the same as regular sea salt too!

Look out for the SOLO® brand on a wide variety of foods, including breakfast cereals, snacks, sausages, cheese, seafood and ready-made meals.
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Where Can I Buy It?

INDEPENDENT HEALTH FOOD SHOPS: SOLO®-LITE 400g consumer bags available nationally – please call The Health Store tel: 0115 976 7200 quoting product number 517292 for details of your nearest stockist.

SUPERMARKET LISTINGS: Watch here for news………

SOLO® inclusive products

A growing number of manufacturers recognise the value of using SOLO® instead of regular salt. Here's a selection to look out for:

* Keep Me Going,
"With up to 6 times less salt than comparable products but all the flavour, Keep Me Going® offers a low Gi, high fibre treat; and Keep Me Strong® delivers 20% protein."

keep me going

* HOOPO® Healthy Snacks Ltd.
"Delicious sea-salted and naturally flavoured nuts (cashews/ peanuts/ mixed nuts/ almonds) which contain between 2.5 and 10 times less salt than comparable products - but with absolutely no compromise in flavour or appearance. Available in 40g / 50g consumer packs and 1kg catering bags."


* Big Prawn Company:
"Using SOLO® enables us to add flavour to our brined and pre-brined shellfish range without excessive saltiness but whilst still achieving the product life we require"

consumer image

* Skinny Lizzie sausages
Skinny Lizzie sausages were designed to fill a niche in the market for a tasty, low fat, low calorie sausage that tasted like the ‘real’ full fat version. We decided to include SOLO® in the mix which fitted in perfectly with our healthy ethos and added even more nutritional value to this popular sausage brand. Skinny Lizzie sausages are now sold nationwide and form part of the eating plans of the most widely attended slimming organisations in the UK.

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Eating out

A growing number of restaurant chains, hotels and pubs are offering healthier choices as part of their menu programme. Look out for our logo on restaurant menus and SOLO® - LITE single serve salt sachets in self-serve restaurants:

London SE1 8XA.
tel: 0207 870 3747

Café Spice Namaste,
London, E1 8AZ
tel: 0207 488 9242

Mr. Todiwala’s Kitchen,
Hilton LHR T5 , Colnbrook SL3 0FF
tel: 01753 766482