Applications - Dairy

Dairy products are among the leading classes of processed foods in terms of sodium contribution in a typical consumer diet. Replacement of NaCl by SOLO® low sodium sea salt can significantly reduce the sodium level while preserving consumer acceptance.

Salt function in cheese

Salt is one of the critical ingredients in cheese making. Unsalted cheese is unsaleable, exhibiting a bitter, bland flavour, soft body and a very short shelf life.

Salt not only enhances flavour but controls ripening and firming and strongly influences the types of flavour components that develop with ageing.

Salt is added to the milled curd to help remove the whey, to suppress the growth of unwanted micro-organisms, to slow down acid development and to develop normal flavour. Salt also has a dehydrating effect, helping to form the rind of the cheese.

SOLO® can be used in cheese making, replacing NaCl in the ratio 1:1.


In batch vat salting, SOLO® increment should be added in three separate applications uniformly distributed across the vat behind the moving stirring forks.

Studies in the USA and Denmark (The Danish Dairy Institute) have shown that ageing gradually improves flavour by masking any tendency to bitterness and intensifying saltiness.


The Danish Dairy Institute has studied the substitution of NaCl with SOLO® in soured butter. The report concluded that full replacement in the ratio 1:1 is possible without any significant negative effects. At 0.9% salting level sour butter was analysed after 2, 4 and 8 weeks storage at different temperatures. Sensoric evaluations and analysis for peroxide figures and degree of acidity pH, water and salt in the butter were made. The conclusion was that no differences were found and that SOLO® can replace NaCl in the ratio 1:1 in butter reducing the sodium level significantly.


Taste acceptance

  • Cheddar, vat salted: replacement by SOLO® 1:1 - no significant difference in preference, bitterness or firmness as confirmed by a recent successful UK national product launch in this category.
  • Creamed cottage cheese (1%) replacement by SOLO® 1:1 - lower but acceptable consumer preference
  • Danbo and Danablue Cheeses, vat salted: replacement by SOLO® 1:1 - evaluations were made after 6 and 8 weeks storage. Danablue had lower (more bitter) but acceptable rating after 6 weeks storage. No significant differences in preference, smell and taste after 8 weeks. all major minerals of SOLO® sea salt were absorbed in the cheeses as follows: NaCl in proportion, KCl above proportion and Magnesium below proportion.

Mayonnaise and neutral emulsions

Normally, neither the potassium nor the magnesium salts of SOLO® are noticeable as a bitter taste. Should this, however, be the case in special formulations this can be masked by adding 1-3% Lactose.