Applications - Cured salmon

Salt is an essential ingredient in cured salmon. It provides flavour and shelf life to the product.

Replacement of NaCl by SOLO® low sodium sea salt can significantly reduce the sodium level whilst preserving consumer acceptance.

Function of salt in cured salmon


  • Essential to the flavour of the product
  • Essential for shelf life


Replacement of NaCl with SOLO® results in no significant differences in:

  • taste
  • aroma
  • shelf life
  • colour

Replacement of NaCl with SOLO® depends on each specific application and trials have to be conducted to establish the optimum levels of SOLO® to reduce the water activity in the fish to the correct levels. The SOLO® is applied to the fish in exactly the same way as when using NaCl.

Contact us to learn how reducing sodium in your finished product using SOLO® sea salt will also actually reduce your recipe cost!