We produce two products, both of which taste, have the same weight/density and
technical equivalence as ordinary salt.


A 60% reduced sodium sea salt which benefits not only from the lowest percentage of KCL in its formulation (compared to any competitive brand) but also the presence of magnesium (see below reference to front-of-pack health claims)
SOLO® is more hygroscopic than vacuum salt and, in topping salt applications, dosage levels can be reduced having no concession to either taste or functionality.”


30% reduced sodium sea salt, enriched with iodine
This option is even more competitively priced than the original SOLO® formulation and other salt replacers and is perfectly adapted to the domestic environment, as well as being an exceptionally economical way of reducing sodium in manufactured products or food service outlets.

Both SOLO® products are HALAAL accredited HALAAL

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Like many companies, you might already have started to explore the first steps in a sodium reduction programme. But then you hit some major problems: taste and functionality...

So how can you halve your salt?

The leading choice amongst food manufacturers

Since 1999, The Low Sodium Sea Salt Company's sole focus has been to drive down sodium levels across the total food industry.


Today our facilities in the UK and North America, supply clients across the total food spectrum: from global food brands and major private label food manufacturers, to progressive healthier product food manufacturers, in several continents.

SOLO® is a patented 60% sodium-reduced sea salt containing three essential minerals 'in near perfect proportions', according to independent UK health professionals: sodium, magnesium and potassium.

  • 60% less sodium, 100% taste (and no bitterness)
  • rich source of magnesium
  • recognised consumer assurance mark

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All three of SOLO®'s ingredients are naturally derived from seawater or ancient seawater deposits and undergo a proprietary process to deliver their patented formula.

  • entirely natural product with no chemical processing
  • successful randomised double blind placebo medical trials on two continents, ten years apart
  • universally approved for use in 'organic' and 'entirely natural' foods (such as those containing no added preservatives or artificial ingredients)
  • the world's only salt brand to benefit from documented efficacy

Its nutritionally effective composition of essential minerals makes it a perfect fit for all foods seeking a healthier profile.

Health claims & relevance

14 Dec 2012: New EU legislation From the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA)After considering over 44,000 previously allowed health claims submitted by member states, EFSA authorised just 222.

Magnesium (a key component of SOLO®) was one of these few and carries 10 authorised claims, ranging from 'helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue', to 'helping to maintain healthy bones and teeth'.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in which we are increasingly deficient (mainly due to its heavy depletion in root crops) and is set to play an ever greater role in the health media and on-pack product claims. Furthermore, SOLO®-inclusive products typically claim to 'help reduce blood pressure'.

5 Apr 2013: Two studies published in the British Medical JournalBoth confirm that modest reductions in salt intake lower blood pressure without any other adverse effects.

A third study shows that increasing the intake of potassium (another key constituent of SOLO®) helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes.

This research also suggests that combining a reduction of sodium with an increase in potassium is likely to have the most beneficial effect.